Project Underskin


New Deal Design:

Project Underskin

A concept created for and then featured in a Fast Company article about the future of wearables, an implanted smart digital tattoo. It could unlocks your front door, trade data with a handshake, or even tell you if you have low blood sugar.

Design Team:

Jaeha Yoo

Val Tsang/Williams

Andrew Sawyer

Jon Patterson

Ben Wong

Patrick Drake


New Deal Design




How it would work

The wearable would wrap around the hand at the thumb. The location was chosen because of how personal a location it is while also being regularly visible when interacting with others. Powered by the body’s electro-chemical energy, Underskin would use NFC signal to engage with the world and express what is going on inside the body as a health barometer.


Example patterns that visualize the actions it can perform